The Government and the Prime Minister abolished 111 legal documents


The Government and the Prime Minister have just issued a Decree and a Decision to repeal 111 legal documents. Specifically, in Decree 05/2020 / ND-CP, the Government abolished all 40 legal documents, including: 36 Decrees, 2 Decisions and 2 Resolutions. Accordingly, 36 decrees were abolished, including: Decree No. 12-CP dated December 1, 1992 of the Government promulgating the Regulation on management of our delegations abroad and foreign delegations entering our country; Decree No. 81-CP of November 23, 1995 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Labor Code on disabled laborers; Decree No. 06-CP of January 21, 1997 of the Government on the settlement of salaries and allowances in 1997 for civil servants, public administrative and non-business officials, retirees and disabled people armed forces; officials of communes, wards and some social policy beneficiaries; Decree No. 34/1999 / ND-CP of May 12, 1999 stipulating the issuance of government bonds for national construction in 1999; … Two Decisions include: Decision No. 64B / HDBT of September 12, 1999. 1981 by the Council of Ministers on adjusting administrative boundaries for districts and communes with unreasonable boundaries; Decision No. 134-HDBT of April 20, 1992 of the Council of Ministers on the issuance of State Treasury bills for the construction of a 500 KV North-South power line. Two resolutions include: Resolution No. 06/2004 / NQ-CP dated May 19, 2004 of the Government on a number of solutions to healthy development of the real estate market; Government Resolution No. 15/2005 / NQ-CP of November 4, 2005, on urgent measures to prevent bird flu (H5N1) and influenza A (H5N1) in humans. Decree 05/2020 / ND-CP also partially repeals Decree 79/2011 / NDCP dated September 5, 2011 and Decree 136/2018 / ND-CP dated October 5, 2018. In Decision 01/2020 / QD-TTg, the Prime Minister abolished all 71 legal documents, including 58 Decisions and 13 Directives. The abolished decisions include: The Prime Minister’s Decision No. 10 / TTg of January 9, 1993 on the collection of national reserve paddy debt; Decision No. 75/1998 / QD-TTg of April 4, 1998 of the Prime Minister stipulating the code numbers of taxpayers; Decision No. 143/1998 / QD-TTg of August 8, 1998 of the Prime Minister on amending the regime of non-quota export and import taxes; Decision No. 178/1998 / QD-TTg of September 19, 1998 of the Prime Minister on the support of interest rates on bank loans for a number of export goods; – Decision No. 67/1999 / QD-TTg of March 30, 1999 of the Prime Minister on a number of banking credit policies for agricultural and rural development … The directives which are repealed include: Directive No. 15-CT of January 11, 1988 of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers on strengthening the state reserve force; Directive No. 06/2007 / CT-TTg dated 28/3/2007 of the Prime Minister on the implementation of urgent measures to ensure food hygiene and safety; Directive No. 01/2008 / CT-TTg dated January 8, 2008 of the Prime Minister on a number of solutions to promote development and management of the real estate market; Directive No. 11/2008 / CT-TTg dated 24/3/2008 of the Prime Minister on the organization and implementation of Amnesty Law; Directive No. 20/2008 / CT-TTg dated June 23, 2008 of the Prime Minister on strengthening securities market management … /.