Aviation amended and supplemented 11 administrative procedures


The Ministry of Transport has just announced administrative procedures to be amended, supplemented and abolished in the aviation field under its management function. Specifically, there are 11 amended administrative procedures under the management functions of the Ministry of Transport, including: Procedures for granting air transportation business licenses, general aviation business licenses; Procedures for re-granting air transport business licenses and general aviation business licenses; airport licensing procedures; procedures for re-granting aviation port business licenses; Procedures for licensing aviation service provision at airports and airfields; procedures for re-granting aviation service provision permits at airports and airfields; Procedures for issuing certificate of aviation training and professional qualification; procedures for re-granting certificates of satisfaction of conditions for aviation personnel training and professional training; procedures for the granting of general aviation operation registration certificates for non-commercial purposes;

Procedures for re-grant of certificates of general aviation operation registration for non-commercial purposes; procedures for granting certificates of airline brand use of other airlines to air transport and general aviation businesses for commercial purposes. At the same time, an abolished administrative procedure was to approve the transfer of shares and contributed capital portions of the foreign-invested air transport enterprise to foreign investors. The above administrative procedures are effective from January 1, 2020. By the end of the second quarter of 2019, there were five Vietnamese airlines and 72 international airlines operating more than 200 regular international routes and chartering flights from 25 countries and territories to eight destinations in Vietnam. Vietnamese airlines operate 48 domestic routes connecting 22 airports.