Regarding the communication work to support the control of administrative procedures


     One, the establishment of information channels to receive and process feedback from individuals and organizations on the field of state management of the Ministry: The Ministry’s electronic information portal has information channels to receive comments. contributions of agencies, units and individuals to legal documents, mechanisms and policies in the field of State management of the Ministry; receive feedback and recommendations of organizations and individuals; online question and answer section on the areas of operation under the responsibility of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.
     Two, the situation of providing online public services: Through the Ministry of Information Portal, the Ministry regularly provides information, documents on policies and guidelines to serve people and businesses. providing electronic forms for preparing and sending reports and implementing administrative procedures in the field of State management of the Ministry. Accordingly, individuals and organizations can use the following databases to understand and implement online administrative procedures: The National Portal on Foreign Investment is managed and operated by the Foreign Investment Department at address:; The national bidding system is managed and managed by the Bidding Management Department at:; The national business registration portal is managed and operated by the Business Registration Administration at; Information system on public investment at:
     The Ministry of Planning and Investment regularly coordinates and proactively provides information to media and media units as well as directly conveys to the business community and society the progress and reforms of administrative procedures on the Portal. National business registration information.
     In addition, the Ministry maintains and regularly updates the information section “Public administrative procedures and services” on the electronic portal of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Maintain linkage with the section “Ministry of Administrative Procedures and Public Services” on the website of the Department of Digital Science and Technology; 24 Ministries, sectors and Department of Planning and Investment of 63 localities.