Regarding review and simplification of administrative procedures


     The Ministry of Planning and Investment has completed the task of reviewing and simplifying administrative procedures according to Decision No. 02 / QD-BKHĐT dated January 2, 2018 promulgating the Plan of reviewing administrative procedures in 2018 of the Ministry. The Ministry issued Decision No. 1241 / QD-BKHĐT dated August 16, 2018 approving the plan to simplify administrative procedures in the field of establishment and operation of enterprises and foreign non-governmental aids. under the scope of state management of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in which: The field of registration and establishment of enterprises has 07 administrative procedures; Foreign non-governmental aid sector has 04 administrative procedures reviewed and simplified.
     In addition, the Ministry of Planning and Investment regularly reviews and standardizes the administrative procedures under the management of the Ministry. In 2018, the Ministry of Planning and Investment actively organized the review and removal of administrative procedures announced and publicized in Decision No. 1038 / QD-BKHĐT in order to reduce the expired administrative procedures and non-related administrative procedures. regarding the handling of specific tasks of State administrative agencies for individuals and organizations in the bidding domain.
     Results of regular review and review in the process of formulating legal documents with regulations on administrative procedures: The Ministry of Planning and Investment has reduced the total number of 13/251 administrative procedures compared to 2017. The total number of current administrative procedures of the Ministry Planning and Investment is 238 administrative procedures.