Ho Chi Minh City Post Office receives documents to handle administrative procedures at home


In order to serve the people of Ho Chi Minh City who need to send documents to handle administrative procedures during the time of tightening social distancing, from August 25, 2021, the Ho Chi Minh City Post Office organizes to receive dossiers of administrative procedures. and return the results at home. When the customer has a request, the post office staff will come to the house to receive it and transfer it to the state administrative agency for settlement.

Services to receive applications at home during the time when Ho Chi Minh City tightens the distance are: submitting application for admission to university; application for unemployment benefits; dossiers for receipt of one-time social insurance benefits and other documents, records and certificates.

Organizations, individuals and businesses wishing to deliver and receive the results of handling administrative procedures at home can register at: http://nhantaidiachi.hcmpost.vn or contact the call center (028). 39 247 247 for service. 

When the results are available, on the appointment date, the Postal staff will go to the administrative agency to receive the results of administrative procedures and quickly transfer the results to the registered addresses of organizations and individuals.

Ho Chi Minh City Post Office is committed to 100% of documents will be delivered safely to the correct receiving address. Delivery costs have not changed compared to before the implementation of social distancing.

Nguyen Thi Thu Van, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Post Office, said that the delivery of a number of necessary documents during the time the city tightened social distancing not only helped people save time and money. travel, but also ensure safety in epidemic prevention and control for both people and authorities. 

“Sending staff to each address to receive documents and return results to handle administrative procedures at home is also a practical way for Vietnam Post to contribute to joining hands with the competent forces. repel the Covid-19 epidemic,” said Ms. Van.