100% of provincial-level administrative agencies (implemented at the Public Administration Service Center)


Pursuant to Decree No. 63/2010/ND-CP on control of administrative procedures (amended and supplemented) and Circular No. 02/2017/TT-VPCP of the Minister, the Chairman of the Government Office directs instructions on administrative procedures control and related legal documents, An Giang province has implemented in accordance with regulations. Administrative procedures related to individuals and organizations are reformed in the direction of streamlining, reducing costs and implementation time. 

Through many rounds of review, evaluation and recommendations to central ministries and branches on the announcement of administrative procedures under the authority of agencies and units in An Giang province, up to now, the whole province has 1,934 procedures (in There are 1,410 at provincial level, 335 at district level and 189 at commune level). Administrative procedures have been fundamentally reformed, with the satisfaction level of people and businesses reaching over 90%. Organizing the effective implementation of the Law on the Promulgation of Legal Documents and strictly controlling the regulation of administrative procedures right from the draft stage, since 2016 until now, An Giang province has not issued legal documents. there are regulations on administrative procedures; 100% of administrative agencies in the province implement the one-stop-shop mechanism, the one-stop-shop mechanism in handling administrative procedures.

In 2020, An Giang province has announced a list with 100% of administrative procedures received at the One-Stop Shop to ensure compliance with the provisions of Circular No. 01/2018/TT-VPCP dated April 23, 2018 of the Government Office. and the list of administrative procedures of the province received online on the Public Service Portal. All administrative procedures in An Giang province are publicly available, including: posting at the head office of the administrative procedure settlement agency, specialized provincial-level agencies and vertical agencies in the province, the Department of receiving and returning the results. district, commune, ward and township levels. Publicize in the electronic environment, the National Public Service Portal, the An Giang Provincial Portal, the Electronic Portal of the provincial and local departments, departments and agencies with 1,934 procedures. In addition, the book is also posted and bound at the desks of civil servants receiving dossiers and at citizen reception desks. 

Currently, 100% of provincial-level administrative agencies (implemented at the Public Administration Service Center) and district-level administrative units have well organized the settlement of administrative procedures according to the one-stop-shop and one-stop-shop mechanism. . The Provincial People’s Committee issued Decision No. 79/2019/QD-UBND amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Regulation issued together with Decision No. 25/2019/QD-UBND to ensure compliance with the Law on Public Security. effective from July 1, 2019 and the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1291/QD-TTg dated October 7, 2019 approving the List of administrative procedures under the handling competence of the central agency. According to the vertical line stationed in the locality, they are sent to receive at the Provincial Public Administration Service Center, the Division of Receiving and Returning Results at the district and commune levels. The entire settlement process is open, transparent and closely monitored; many administrative procedures, public services have been and continue to be implemented effectively; the rate of dossiers processed correctly and before the deadline increased (over 99%); The attitude and sense of responsibility of the staff receiving and processing documents is increasingly standard, ensuring in accordance with the motto “Professional – Friendly – Responsible”.