Results of administrative reform in 2020 and directions and tasks in 2021 of An Giang province


Over the past years, all levels, branches and localities in An Giang province have implemented many comprehensive and synchronous solutions, thereby achieving positive results in many fields, of which the focus is on administrative reform. This result makes an important contribution to the task of socio-economic development in the locality.

Outstanding administrative reform results in 2020

In order to effectively implement administrative reform, on December 31, 2019, the People’s Committee of An Giang province issued Plan No. 860/KH-UBND on administrative reform in 2020 with the goal of continuing continuously identify and improve the quality of the contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees as a key stage; Administrative procedure reform is a breakthrough. Towards the best service quality for people, organizations and businesses; Administrative procedures continue to be reformed in the direction of simplification, solving quickly, accurately and in accordance with regulations, promoting the application of information technology to management and administration activities of the government, and enhancing service provision. online public service level 3, level 4 and postal services, towards the goal of building e-government in An Giang province.

In the field of institutional reform, the Department of Justice of An Giang province coordinated with the Office of the People’s Committee of the province to advise the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee to approve, adjust and supplement the proposal to develop 41 decisions on regulations. breaking the law in 17 fields; coordinate in organizing an online conference on implementation of the Law on Amending and Supplementing the Law on Promulgation of Legal Documents organized by the Ministry of Justice. Appraisal of 86 documents (including 30 resolutions, 56 decisions); comments on 88 draft legal documents (including 08 laws, 13 decrees, 18 circulars, 11 resolutions and 38 decisions); establish Advisory Council to appraise the proposal for formulation of 02 resolutions, 03 decisions.

The review and systematization of legal documents of agencies and units are strictly and strictly implemented. In which, submitting to the Provincial People’s Committee to announce the list of legal documents promulgated by the People’s Council and the Provincial People’s Committee that have expired or ceased to be effective in whole or in part with 73 documents (including 16 resolutions, 57 decisions). determined); report on the results of inspection and review of legal documents in 2019 in An Giang province; general report on problems and limitations of the legal system; decide to annul documents that are no longer appropriate after the systemization of legal documents in the period 2014 – 2018 with 125 documents; regularly review 159 legal documents (including 03 resolutions and 156 decisions).