Vietnam Social Insurance: reduce waiting time to a maximum of 15 minutes/1 transaction by 2025


Vietnam Social Insurance has just issued the Plan No. 2402/KH-BHXH to implement the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 468/QD-TTg dated March 27, 2021 approving the Project on job renewal. implement the one-stop-shop, one-stop-shop mechanism in handling administrative procedures (administrative procedures) of Vietnam’s social insurance industry.

Accordingly, the Plan aims to promote digital transformation in public service delivery and management (DVC), putting people and businesses at the center to serve in the settlement of administrative procedures in a direction that is not dependent on administrative boundaries, associated with digitization and use of results of digitization of records, papers, results of administrative procedures settlement in order to improve service quality.

The plan sets out three specific goals up to 2025: 1) 100% of administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of administrative proceedings will be accepted and resolved regardless of administrative boundaries, except for cases where administrative procedures require field inspection. , assessment, inspection and appraisal at the establishment. 2) 100% of records and papers of administrative procedure settlement results are digitized and connected and shared data for administrative procedure settlement. 3) Reduce the waiting time of people and businesses to a maximum of 15 minutes per transaction by 2025.

In addition, the Vietnam Social Security sets forth a number of key contents, which are:

Firstly , to develop a Plan and documents guiding the implementation of the Project on renewing the implementation of the one-stop-shop mechanism in solving administrative procedures of the Vietnamese social insurance industry, period 2021-2025.

Second, organize the receipt and settlement of administrative complaints under the jurisdiction of the Sector to ensure compliance with the provisions of law, the tasks of the Scheme and the regulations of the Vietnam Social Security.