Hai Phong conducts assessment and grading to determine the PAR Index in 2021


On August 9, 2021, the City People’s Committee issued Plan No. 188/KH-UBND to evaluate, score and determine the PAR Index 2021 of Hai Phong city.

According to the plan, the City People’s Committee assigned the Department of Home Affairs to monitor and urge relevant agencies and units to implement; promptly implement the contents of the Ministry of Home Affairs’ instructions on self-assessment and grading; collaborative sociological investigation; coordinate with the Department of Finance to propose specifically the use, payment and settlement of funding for implementation.

Assign Directors of Departments (Information and Communication, Justice, Science and Technology, Planning and Investment, Finance) and Chief of Office of the City People’s Committee to directly direct and take responsibility for the grading results. for criteria, criteria of components in the field of responsibility; send the list of key officials performing the grading of the department or branch to the Department of Home Affairs before November 30, 2021 for synthesis.

During the grading process, proactively contact and discuss with the relevant ministries and branches so that the assessment can be accurate, provide documents, complete, quality and necessary verification contents and capture the results. score and promptly report to the City People’s Committee if there are any difficulties or problems. The Department of Finance shall guide the Department of Home Affairs to make a budget estimate for implementation; propose and report to the City People’s Committee for consideration and decision.

At the same time, the City People’s Committee requested departments, agencies, district People’s Committees to provide relevant documents and data at the request of the units in charge of the field of service for grading the PAR Index. main of the City. Strengthening information and propaganda on the measurement results of the PAR Index, the Provincial Competitiveness Index, the Satisfaction Index on the City’s administrative services; the implementation process of administrative reform of the City and the outstanding results achieved … to the staff, civil servants, public employees and employees in the unit. Thoroughly understand to cadres, civil servants and public employees about raising awareness and responsibility in the implementation and promotion of administrative reform of the City; strictly implement the response to the sociological survey questionnaire of the Ministry of Home Affairs,