Honoring advertising works bearing Vietnamese cultural identity


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has decided to organize the “Vietnam Creative Advertising Award” in 2021.

The event aims to effectively implement the Project on Building and promote the national brand: “Vietnam Creative Advertising Award” for the period from 2020 to 2030, thus introducing it to a large number of people. about the meaning, important role and continuous development of the advertising industry in the socio-economic development of Vietnam, creating conditions to promote the development of creative advertising activities, creating many products. High-quality creative advertising products on all types of advertising media.

The “Vietnam Creative Advertising Award” in 2021 will select and honor creative, unique, impressive, highly aesthetic advertising works with Vietnamese cultural identity, showing responsibility. with the environment and the community.

Regarding the award structure, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will award prizes, including: Advertising on television, advertising on printed publications, advertising on billboards, outdoor billboards and advertising on electronic newspapers.

The award of the Organizing Committee is proposed by the Vietnam Advertising Association, and is held to comment for the following types: Radio advertising, advertising on electronic screens, creative advertising for information technology application development. , brand identity and brand awards with meaningful social activities.

Each type of award mentioned above will award 1 first prize, 1 second prize and 1 third prize.

In addition, the Organizing Committee also awarded the public voting award (1 First prize for each type): The most favorite TV advertising award; most popular radio commercial award; the most popular outdoor billboard advertising award; the most popular electronic screen advertising award; advertising award on the most popular print publication; The most popular electronic newspaper advertisement award